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An impactful true to life story... May, 2007
Katie Piercy, Enloe HS Student Review
The fact that Kevin Cropp's novel is 99.9 percent true, effects a reader much more, than just seeing it as a novel. The changed perspective from knowing that he included real life events in the novel allowed me as a high school student to understand the struggles he worked through to overcome, with his parents.

Wonderful... May, 2007
Samantha Duke, Enloe HS Student Review
The characters are realistic, and these flaws make them all the more endearing and meaningful to the overall understanding of the novel; the reader truly becomes involved in the life and mind of Corey Wails as they follow his journey of redemption and self-awareness. This story can connect with anyone on a deeper level, providing hope that maybe things aren't quite as broken as they seem to be. The Timekeeper is a brilliant reworking of the age old philosophy: every cloud has a silver lining, and it will inspire readers for generations to come.

Brief Review of The Time Keeper. April, 2007
Sally Fry, Enloe HS Student Review
The Timekeeper is a must-read especially for mothers and their sons. Not only is this novel captivating on its own, but also readers of Cropp's story will find it eerily familiar. No child has a perfect relationship with their mother, and it is therefore very real to be absorbing yourself into the imperfect relationship between Corey and Linda Wails. The Timekeeper is a reminder to all that neither life nor our relationships last forever, and so it is important to make both last as long as we can. We never know when it might be too late.

Captures NC... April, 2007
Hannah Konitshek, Enloe HS Student Review
The most outstanding aspect of the book is the raw emotion that Cropp is able to convey. Often, while reading, it is easy to see where the author was afraid to speak their mind. Authors seem to censor themselves, to smooth over relationships that are really beaten and battered. But the beauty within this book is the way it realistically describes that place that we have all been in. The uncomfortable silences and the arguments that you wish would just go away. But then, despite all the odds, Cropp is able to describe the way in which we come out of it. His characters are tragic, comical, and most of all, they are real.

Many different emotions... February 24, 2007
Chimene Inzerillo
I would like to say how much I enjoyed the book. It was awesome. I was angry, I was sad, and I was happy, all from the same book! I purchased one for my mother-in-law at the same time as mine and she loves it. I could relate to part of it, because my mother & I are estranged for completely different reasons, but it makes you think.

A great beach read... February 14, 2007
Maria Martin
I finally got around to reading this book and loved it. It is very well written. The story is touching without being smarmy. It is a very quick and enjoyable read.

Engaging! February 4, 2007
Donna Tilley-Gregory
Engaging. I read it in 2 days because I wanted to know how he worked out the relationship with his mother. I hope the next book addresses the relationship with his father and his girlfriend.

For the Heart. February 1, 2007
Angie Mann (SC)
This one goes to the heart...especially when you have lived a similar experience except they did not die, and continue to deal with those emotions from childhood to present day as their actions remain obtrusive. I met Kevin when I purchased the book and asked who the story was about.... he simply said myself. The story makes you step back, examine your thoughts, relationships, emotions and the reason for those. You have to delve within, come to terms and heal. Kevin has truly done this as well as to help understand the minds response to a situation they cannot control, yet finding enough love within yourself to love this spite of themselves and their actions. Excellent read!! Awaiting the next. A gifted writer....who has truly lived the pain and conquered. Kevin, Best of luck!!

A New Fan... January 24, 2007
Patty Brown
I really enjoyed "The Time Keeper".It was very hard to put down, and helped me examine my relationship with my own son.I look forward to Cropp's next novel.

Inspiring and thought provoking. January 20, 2007
Lori Streeter
"The Time Keeper" is inspiring and thought-provoking for me in 2 ways; one as a daughter I've been having difficulties relating to my mother as she ages, and the other as a mother myself trying to be patient and understanding so as my girls will continue to love me and not hate/resent me as they grow older. The book really made me stop and think, sort of reevaluate the way things have been going. I too have a health issue (Cystic Fibrosis) that I live and deal with, and think often about how I will handle things with my girls once the disease progresses. This book gave me lots of insight and I greatly appreciate Kevin Cropp sharing his thoughts and views. Not only am I thinking about my behavior and actions now, but also looking to the future as to how I'll handle things then as well.

A real gift... January 19, 2007
S. Clark
My girlfriend and I both read "The Time Keeper" and enjoyed it thoroughly. I had a hard time putting the book down. Kevin has a real gift, and I felt like I was right there with him. It pulled at my emotions. I had to stop several times to dry the tears and get myself together before I could continue. I look forward to his next book.

Valuable Lessons. January 10, 2007
Roger McKamey
"The Time Keeper" is a story that would be difficult to read for some people that had similar circumstances and never had the chance to resolve them. Valuable lessons to gather for others. I found the book an easy read with each chapter drawing me into the next.

A Second Chance. January 5, 2007
Wendy Keesee [Fayetteville, NC]
Kevin Cropp has done a fastastic job of telling Corey's story. Most of the time, we don't get the chance to say thank you and express our love and appreciation to a close family member who is sick and near the end. Well written and hard to put down once you get started reading. Can't wait for the next book.

Loved it! January 2, 2007
Kim Molnar [Fayetteville, N.C.]
Loved "The Time Keeper". I read it in two days. I couldn't put it down. Great job, Kevin Cropp. Can't wait till the next book.

BEAUTIFUL... December 30, 2006
Rhonda Sweitzer
Well written, moving and one of the best novels I have read in a long time..can't wait until the next one!

What an awesome book! December 15, 2006
Natalie K. Young
I loved the book " The Time Keeper" . I read the book in three days, and I could not put the book down. Kevin put his emotions in wording that I related to so well. I could feel his pain, happiness, and reassurance. During the book, I wanted so much to give Kevin a hug and at the end of the book, I wanted to say thanks for pointing out the true meaning of life and family and what the important things are in life.

Highly recommended. December 8, 2006
Meghan Andrews [Fayetteville, NC]
My mother & I purchased this book at the Holly Day Fair last month, and we have both read it and we both really enjoyed it. It was written with such a good form and you can tell Kevin's passion for writing. I really enjoyed the book and I recommend it to anyone to read it. I could not hardly put it down.

Touching... December 4, 2006
Renate Dahlin [Raeford, NC]
As many other readers, could not put "The Time Keeper" down. One could feel all the emotions of both, parents and son. To me, one of the most touching scenes was when he talked of the moutains and his childhood there. Just a brief sentence. But, I could feel his feelings about this part of his past clearly. Also, not being a baseball person, he happened to make the game of baseball quite a bit clearer to me, including why a youngster (and adults) love to play it.

Didn't want it to end! December 2, 2006
Kathryn Miller
"The Time Keeper" by Kevin Cropp was really good. There are times when I have gotten a book and it was so good that I did not want it to end. This was one of those books. I will definately read more of his work.

I could relate. December 1, 2006
Denise & Wayne Sherrill [Fayetteville, NC]
I enjoyed "The Time Keeper" by Kevin Cropp very much. It brought back such wonderful memories of when my son played ball for his school. I had lost my son at 18 to a tragic car accident just before I read the book and I could really relate to it.

Loved it! November 30, 2006
Gina Routh [Fayetteville, NC]
Loved the book!! Made me cry-can't wait for another book from Kevin Cropp!!

"The Time Keeper" touched my life... November 29, 2006
Sam [Fayetteville, NC]
I would like to thank Kevin Cropp for putting what so many of us feel into words. "The Time Keeper" has touched my life as well as my fiancÚ's. My mother did not have breast cancer, but at the young age of thirty five was diagnosed with crippling arthritis. There were plenty of days I had to dress and bath her, we have lived thru some emotional rollercoaster's. My fiancÚ and I almost lost his mother due to breast cancer, but thankfully she has been in remission for some years now. So many parts of this book hit home and show the everlasting connection of a mother and child. I look forward to his next release and wish him nothing but the best!

Meaningful! November 28, 2006
Carol Chamberlin
I have been reading for more than 60 years and this is the first time I have underlined meaningful passages in a book of fiction. Kevin E. Cropp certainly makes an impact on the reader. I am looking forward to reading more of his writing.

Lovely. November 24, 2006
Becky Workman [Charlotte, NC]
I really was impressed with Kevin Cropp's way of describing things because I felt I was experiencing everything with him. As a baseball mother, I could feel the excitement and the tension in the games. I really liked the "inner strength" Cropp talked about and celebrating the life of his mother. I felt that way and continue to feel that way about my parents. I keep trying to appreciate all the good things about life even when things are bad (referring to the idea that the mother waited until the last two years to make needed changes). Cropp's description of The Time Keeper and what Heaven was like - "God's gift to dreamers." That is a lovely thought.

Brought me to tears. November 20, 2006
Leah Berry
I truly enjoyed reading "The Time Keeper". It was very easy to get into and I didn't want to put it down, it was very heartfelt. I rarely cry, and this book had me in tears, it felt really good.